Welcome to the HOONAYA Blog

Welcome to Hoonaya and this very first blog post. I am thrilled to introduce this project and give you a quick introduction!

My name is Philip and my actual background is Industrial Design. I have been a gamer since my childhood, at times of Sega Game Gear and the first Game Boy. Ever since I have been hooked to games.

Throughout my studies and career as an Industrial Designer, I constantly tried to expand my knowledge especially in regard to electronics and programming. Having done electronics studies during University and multiple projects involving PCB programming and design, I soon started merging my passion of electronics and 3D modelling in first projects using Unity 3D and Arduino. During my thesis I focused on the development of hardware and VR. At this stage I started looking more into Unity and discovered the amazing potential this software provided and therefore decided to learn more about potential of game engines.

Having just played around with various functions in small projects, I discovered that creating a game is extremely fun! This was the point where I realized that I want to build a skillset in game design and merge my passion for gaming and design.

I began by researching the market and game development processes. With my skillset in mind, I wanted to find a game concept that would be doable but still challenging. (I believe you always need to push your boundaries and learn by doing).

After weeks of brainstorming and scribbling down various ideas, I finally had a concept I grew quite fond of.

But why am I doing a blog? Coming from Industrial Product Design, user centricity is one of the key ingredients in developing products. A new product should always be developed with the user in mind and exploring the needs of the user. This is an approach I would like to follow in the development of this game. I want to receive constant input from users to embrace user centricity and gain possible new insights.

Another reason is that I have been following multiple blogs, online tutorials and courses myself. There are so many great game developers, 3D modellers and many other experts that assited me a lot in understanding various techniques and methods. Hopefully this blog will inspire other developers and provide insights in the process.

I will try to share my experiences throughout the development of this game and appreciate discussions and suggestions. At a later stage in the development process, I am aiming to spend a considerable amount on Beta testing and implementing suggestions by users in order to get the best experience out of the game.

I will try my best to share insights on concept development, 3D modelling and many other aspects of the development process.