Danger Darrel | 3D Modelling Process

With the Character Sketch as a reference, it was time to get into the 3D modelling of Danger Darrel using Blender 2.8.

Unfortunately I forgot to record the from the start but still remembered at a fairly early stage :) I began with a quad sphere in sculpting mode and began to shape the rough body shape by using the grab tool in sculpt mode. This was the first time I got into the sculpting mode and was impressed how quick and intuitive it was too use. Although it works quite well with a mouse, I can highly recommend using a tablet for this process.

Before I started getting into sculpting, I looked at several tutorials and can highly recommend to you the Sculpting Essentials tutorial by Flipped Normals. On that note, I also recommend anyone starting using Blender to have a look at the Official Blender youtube channel and a look at the tutorials by Blender Guru on youtube.

The video below showing the process is a speed run of approximately two days work. The most challenging aspects for me creating this character was getting the proportions right and especially the face proportions along with a skin structure.

This high poly model soon got my PC to its limits but I felt that this is necessary to get a level of detail for creating renderings and further for the process of retopology and baking normal maps (I will still share my experiences)

Using the Shader editor in Blender, I then played around with colors and textures with the previously created sketch as a reference. Since I will be creating the game in Unity using the Universal Render pipeline, Blender is already a great tool to test the material effects by only utilizing Albedo and Normals maps in the shader editor.

The image of Danger Darrel below was then rendered using Blender Cycles. Having used Keyshot and Cinema 4D in the past, I was truly impressed by the settings available in Blender and the effects that can be created.

I would love hear about your methods and process on the character development process! Feel free to drop a comment or message!