Caravan Development Process

Danger Darrel needs a home to stay. Given his story and the setting he is in, I came to the conclusion that he would most likely live in a caravan in order to be as close as possible to his beloved planes.

Having conducted some research on Caravans in all shapes and forms, I began by sketching out some thumbnails to find the ideal shape to utilize in the game. This is a quick and helpful process to generate several ideas in short period.

The next step was to create a more detailed sketch of the caravan before heading into 3D modelling. Below is a video showing the process of sketching the final concept using Sketchbook on an iPad Pro.

This sketch (especially the sideview), was then utlized as an underlay in Blender in order to get the basic proportions of the caravan shell correct.

This once again really sped up the modelling process of creating this low poly caravan. The aim was to model the caravan as simplistic as possible and to ensure a smooth performance on mobile devices.

Therefore, the detail was added using textures and normal maps. Since the caravan has been resting in a dry & hot environment for several years, it needed to reflect with spots of rust and dirt. The rivets and the bars were added using normal maps in Substance Painter with dirt and spots of rust using various brushes.

I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts! Feel free to drop a comment or message!