iOS Beta Testers Wanted

"Danger Darrel" is slowly but steadily reaching the Beta testing stage!

The core gaming principles are in place and the core structure should be working. At this point, I need your input on the functions, mechanics, physics and UI elements. What works for you? What bothers you? What should be changed, what would you like?

The Beta testing will start on iOS. So if you are eager and want to help shape the game by providing your valuable input, feel free to drop a message at with your full name, e-mail address and some info on who you are.

I will then take the time to go through the provided feedback and the game will get more and more content over time. This can include a more diverse map, more skins, gadgets and or planes!

Once "Danger Darrel" is ready for testing, you will receive an e-mail with further instructions how to download and test the app.

Looking forward to hear from you!