"Air Hawk" Concept Development

The past weeks were dedicated to create more and more planes for "Danger Darrel", each with unique characteristics and properties.

Danger Darrels' next plane should be a very agile and fast plane. Therefore the next appropriate plane in line is a stunt plane. Although it is not made for long distances and won't have the most economic fuel consumption, obstacles and dangers will easily be evaded.

The process began by putting down initial thoughts of the concept on paper and creating a sketch in Sketchbook Pro in preparation for a sketch underlay to be used in Blender.

When developing the model in Blender, the aim was to keep the poly count to a minimum and create a high detail level at the same time for mobile devices. A learning from previous models, is to create as few parts as possible as this will save time when importing the FBX in Unity and assigning the individual parts in scripts and to materials.

In the final step the UV's were unwrapped and the model was exported as a FBX for texturing in Substance Painter.

What airplanes would you like to see in the game?

I would love to hear your ideas! Feel free to drop a comment or message!